A classic cookshop refined

Cookshops were the main style of restaurant in Bangkok from the 1930s, a blend of Teochew, Hakka, Hokkien cuisines with a smattering of English colonial dishes cooked by Hainanese cooks.

This culinary hodgepodge was the fruit of the city’s history. Chop Chop picks up the baton and runs with it.

cocktail bar

Goldsmith Bar is an escapists hideaway that transports patrons to the golden age of the early 20th century and whispers of the thrillingly forbidding tales of old Chinatown.

Vibrantly opulent surroundings galvanised by spirituous cocktails prepared with rebelistic flair. Libations take inspiration from the varied and potent history of the neighborhood, but Beverage Director Dan Miranda’s tipples are by no means stuck in the past. Expect finely crafted cocktails with depth of flavour and the soul of a bygone era.